Kitchenette Menemen


What’s needed?
Kitchenette provides distinct flavors from the world cuisine and takes pride in its selection of handmade, fresh products. Its menu composes healthy and amusing fresh dishes. In Kitchenette, one of the most popular menu is breakfast menu and its favourite meal is Menemen. In Turkey fathers love to cook Menemen because cooking Menemen is easy, it is very delicious and easy to show cooking talents. Therefore we should do a campaign that gather of all – fathers and Menemen.

To raise awareness for Kitchenette’s Menemen meal, we launch a video during Father’s Day weekend. By the video we wanted to celebrate all fathers in a fun way and combine one of Kitchenette’s favourite meal – Menemen- and Father’s Day. In the video we asked Kitchenette guests which is their favourite Kitchenette food. By asking that question we wanted to show, Menemen is the favourite breakfast meal by a fun way. We also show Kitchenette’s chef and his son cooking and showing their love to each other by cooking.