KadınlarBilir Re-launch

| Re-Launch


What's needed?
Global EverydayMe project has to localize its name: KadınlarBilir.com. First in the globe!

Followed by a relaunch video with KadınlarBilir.com celebrities -first of its kind for a website relaunch YouTube 360° video- we created a natural, living effect of celebrity participation; supported by YouTube masthead use during the campaign. Celebrities (Derya Baykal, Merve Özkaynak & İdil Tatari) became KadınlarBilir.com’s voices and represented real members of the site, making out the most of KadınlarBilir.com just like every other woman they talk to. They had active user profiles, injecting content and making comments, leaving R&R;’s and more.